Watch: Olivia Thirlby & Ben Feldman in First Trailer for 'Between Us'

"We're just stuck. Afraid of everything…" IFC Films has debuted a trailer for an indie romantic drama titled Between Us, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year. Between Us is about a couple in a long-term relationship that is threatened by life-changing revelations that come up "over the course of one tumultuous night." Ben Feldman and Olivia Thirlby star as the main couple deciding whether to be married, with the cast including Adam Goldberg, Analeigh Tipton, Betsy Brandt, Scott Haze, Peter Bogdanovich, and Lesley Ann Warren. This is described as "brutally honest and incisively funny" and contains a "raw, real, and all-too-relatable look at the rocky terrain of 21st century romance." Take a look.

Here's the official trailer for Rafael Palacio Illingworth's Between Us, found on YouTube (via The Playlist):

After six years together, 30-something couple Henry (Feldman) and Dianne (Thirlby) find themselves caught between their fears of commitment and societal pressure to settle down and marry. An impulsive decision and a surprise revelation send each into an emotional tailspin. Heading out into the LA night, both Henry and Dianne encounter strangers—he a free-spirited rocker (Goldberg), she a charming artist (Tipton)—who offer the possibility of new romantic thrills. The choices each makes will determine what—if anything—will be left of their relationship come morning. Between Us is written and directed by Mexican filmmaker Rafael Palacio Illingworth, of the film Macho and a few shorts previously. This premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. IFC opens Between Us in select theaters + on VOD starting January 6th, 2017.